Tortoise for sale

We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of 100% captive bred tortoise for sale in the world.  Our inventory consists of some of the coolest and rarest as well as most common tortoises for sale in the USA.  All of our baby, well started baby, juvenile and adult tortoises for sale ship overnight via UPS or FEDEX.  Shop with confidence that with a real biologist on site, we offer a full live arrival and 7 day health guarantee as well as lifetime customer support on every pet reptile we sell.

tortoise for sale

tortoises for sale

Looking for the perfect 4″ pet tortoise for sale? We recommend looking at our juvenile or young adults if you are considering purchasing a larger pet tortoise instead of a baby tortoise well started baby.

tortoises for sale

Yearling tortoises for sale are also often available as well.  When deciding what size tortoise to buy it is really important to consider the adult size when they are fully mature, not how big they are when they hatch out of their egg!  We’ve got such a selection it really depends on both your budget and the size you are considering.  Depending on where you live you may want a smaller or larger tortoise.

tortoise for sale

For example: Unless you plan on keeping a very large tortoise indoors, you will need to live in an area that some of the larger African species can thrive. If not, you will have to house your new pet tortoise indoors when it is below 60 degrees outside.  Keep that at the forefront of your mind when deciding what species if best for you.  After all your new shelled friend can live anywhere from 50 to over 100 years.  Smaller species usually live around 50-80 years where as larger live longer.

Small tortoises for sale

tortoises for sale

Some of the most popular species of tortoise are the small tortoise breeds, or smallest tortoise species.  These include some of the more popular “Testudo Family” tortoises like the Russian, Greek, Hermann’s, Elongated, Marginated, Egyptian and more.  These guys stay small and we will discuss a little bit about each individual species of tortoise for sale here.  We sell the smaller species most of all to areas where they cannot remain outdoors for most of if not the entire year.  When they get big is when it matters most.

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Russians represent the most popular of all the smaller tortoise breeds or species when described properly as there really isn’t “tortoise breeds” like cats or dogs.  We call them species and subspecies in the tortoise world.  Russians, like Hermann’s stay small for their entire life.  This makes them much easier to care for in areas where we have to bring them indoors during the winter months.  While they can hibernate it is not necessary especially if you’re not breeding your tortoises.

Medium Tortoise for sale

The mid sized species of tortoise include some of the most popular and colorful of all tortoise breeds.  Species of tortoise are often referred to as “tortoise breeds” by those unfamiliar with how we classify animals, specifically in the reptile kingdom.  Red footed tortoise, Yellow foot, Cherry head tortoise represent the South American high color species that don’t get very large.  Not only are they super colorful, they’re also a super friendly species of tortoise.  The biggest thing with the red foots, yellow foots and cherry heads is humidity.  They require it their entire life where as most other species of baby tortoise do not.

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Cherry heads are the smallest of the red footed tortoise group, growing 9-12″ in size.  Red footed tortoises as well as Giant yellow foot species can get up to 14-15″ but still weigh in under 30 pounds.  South American species of tortoise are typically requiring lower UVB lighting (5-6% UVB), lower ambient temps and hot spot temps (88 degrees instead of 95-99) and higher humidity (75% over 55-60%).  UVB is important for the proper growth and development of the new shelled friend.

small tortoise for sale

Other medium sizes species include the leopard tortoise, Giant leopard tortoise from Southern Africa (which we also list as large) and some other popular species over 4″ that can make great pet tortoises for sale.

Large tortoises for sale

The largest family of tortoises includes the biggest! Starting at the top, the single largest pet tortoise for sale would be either the Galapagos or the Aldabra.  Aldabra tortoise for sale are quite expensive and females can hit 200 pounds where as the boys can reach almost 500 pounds! Owning an Aldabra is almost more like owning a dog over a pet tortoise or pet turtle.  Giant Aldabra tortoises come to us from the Seychelles Islands are absolutely amazing in every capacity.  Our favorite of the group of larger species, the Aldabra is just amazing.  They can eat from your hand, love to be petted and scratched, etc.  Besides their incredible size, Aldabra giant Tortoise are fairly easy to care for.

tortoise for sale

Galapagos are basically the same size, cannot handle as great of a temperature variant or gradient and therefore we prefer the Aldabra over the Galapagos.  African Sulcata tortoises are also listed as large tortoises even though they only reach less than half the size of the Aldabra.  Sulcata tortoise start out around 2″ and can reach 24″ by adult hood.  Sudanese Sulcata get even larger reaching 28″ and almost 200 pounds.  So if you see a Sulcata and it is over 24″ chances are it is of Sudanese decent.

baby tortoise for sale

baby tortoise

Be sure to check out all of our baby tortoise for sale as well as our baby tortoises for sale sections to see the entire selection.  Our entire selection can be found at the full tortoise for sale area of our website which lists all species available.  Our sister store also offers a great selection of baby tortoises over at CB reptile.

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