Chameleons for sale

If you are searching for a larger species of pet lizard for sale, consider purchasing a panther chameleon or veiled chameleon.  While we do not offer them here on our website, our sister website has the nicest chameleon for sale selection in the USA!  First consider the type of chameleon you are looking to buy as well as your budget and ability to provide care.  Baby chameleons for sale are available year round online with overnight shipping and include Veiled chameleons for sale as well as Panthers and Jacksons.

Panther Chameleons for sale

Panther chameleons are the most colorful of all species of chameleons for sale.  Within the family of panther chameleons you have locales.  Locales, also often referred  as panther chameleon morphs, or panther chameleon colors offer a wide variety of panther chameleon color combinations.  For example, if you are looking for the most colorful panther chameleon, we recommend the Ambilobe panther chameleon.

pet chameleon for sale has a wide variety of baby panther chameleons for sale, including the Ambilobe panther chameleon for sale.  Ambilobe are available in a wide variety of colors including Blue, Red and Yellow.  Within the base color group, is the color of the “bars”.  For example: a Blue body red bar would have a blue base color, with red bars.  At the same time, the RBBB (Red body blue bar) would have the opposite color with a red body / base and blue bars.

baby chameleon for sale

Other colors exist like the yellow body blue bar, or the blue body yellow bar baby chameleon for sale.  Within the blue and yellow group, you will also find shades of green, and blue that fade to yellow.  The red group will also offer yellow fading to red or even types of orange.  If you are considering a blue panther chameleon, the Nosy be panther chameleon for sale or the Ambanja panther chameleon are the 2 top choices.

Nosy be chameleon have a blue base with little to no bars or striping.  Their shade of blue may vary but is normally in the sky blue family.  Panther chameleons for sale will be a variant of blue to green blue, with dark blue, to even purple or violet bars.

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