Crested Geckos for sale

Crested gecko for sale

Crested geckos, or as we call them here at GOF “Cresties” are some of the coolest pet geckos for sale anywhere.  Interestingly, they are named either “crested” or “eyelash gecko for sale” most commonly.  The term “Eye Lash geckos for sale” came from pet stores who nicknamed these awesome geckos by their beautiful eyelashes.  Most commonly, they are referred to as cresties or crested geckos for sale.  Crested geckos are probably the easiest or one of the top 2 or 3 easiest to care for of all pet geckos for sale.

Crested Gecko Care

Below we will briefly cover general crested gecko care information in the form of our gecko care sheet.  We will cover things including diet, habitat, and other vital needs for a happy crestie.

Crested gecko diet (crested gecko food)

One of the best things about a pet crested gecko for sale is the ease of care.  The main thing that separates them from most other pets is what they eat! Did you know that many crested gecko breeders like us here at feed a powdered diet?  About 12 years ago commercially available crested and gargoyle gecko diets hit the market fast.   With the ability of manufacturers to offer a variety of food flavors and even now with or without insects inside the food, cresties are easy as pie.

Crested Gecko food for sale

Here at, we primarily feed Pangea crested gecko diet and supplement with additional crickets as a weekly treat.  It is important to provide gut loaded insects if you decide to feed them for your crestie.  Crested gecko for sale will gravitate to premade gecko diet if it has been purchased from the crested gecko breeders here at


Depending on if, and what type of crested gecko diet you currently feed your baby crested gecko, you may or may not require supplements.  We usually combine 50% calcium with D3 with Vionate vitamin powder and dust all of our insects.  Additionally, feeding your crickets high-quality food like collard greens, for example, will improve their feeding potential.

Crested Gecko sale

Cresties need access to clean, fresh water at all times.  They do not drink a ton, but it is important, specifically for breeding females to have access to water when they need it.  Providing a magnetic gecko feeding ledge, or magnetic feeding dish is easier and allows you to keep the food and water off the ground of the habitat.


Since Crested geckos are primarily nocturnal, they do not get access to UV light in the wild.  For this reason, UVB lighting for crested geckos is NOT needed or required.  Using an LED light fixture proves easy and cheap as far as electric usage goes, and provides viewing light for the owner of the pet geckos.  Setting up UVB lighting for a baby crested gecko for sale is not necessary.  When feeding, it is important that your diet includes vitamin D3 to supplement the lack of UVB as well as calcium.

Crested Gecko temperature

Room Temperature is best and easy for your new pet crested gecko for sale.  We try to keep all of our setups anywhere from 74-78 degrees and cool them down a bit closer to 70 degrees when we separate our males and females and are not in the breeding season.  During the breeding season, our ambient temperature for crested gecko habitats is around 76 degrees.  Typically crested geckos will not require any type of heating besides a normal ambient temperature.

Crested Gecko Habitat for sale

Crested geckos can climb quite well and do well with taller terrarium setups.  Keep in mind, however, that many breeders use 12-15″ high tubs to keep their geckos in.  Using a tall terrarium with plenty of climbing options is best.  Keeping humidity around 55-60% works best and enables proper shedding and growth.  There are many types of crested gecko habitats and crested gecko terrariums available with most being taller than they are wide.

Crested gecko morphs

Cresties are available in many shapes, sizes and color combinations also known as color morphs.  Crested gecko morphs for sale or Crested gecko color morphs for sale are now quite common.  A wide variety exists with many animals “multi-gene” when it comes to colors and patterns.  You could find a dalmatian, a harlequin dalmatian, or a pinstripe harlequin dalmatian for example.

crested geckos for sale online

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Crested Gecko color morphs for sale

Cresties are available in many shapes, sizes and color combinations also known as color morphs.  Crested gecko morphs for sale or color morphs for sale are now quite common.  A wide variety exists with many animals “multi-gene” when it comes to colors and patterns.  You could find a dalmatian, a harlequin dalmatian, or a pinstripe harlequin dalmatian for example.

Dalmatian Crested gecko are popular and contain spots.  When the spots are larger and make up a larger percentage of the body, they are then referred to as “super dalmatian”.  Super Dalmatian are rarer, and therefore more expensive than the plain dalmatian. Additionally, there are many shades of Dalmatian, including yellow, brown, tan and red.

Flame Crested gecko are the most commonly found color morphs.  Flames can be anywhere from yellow, to brown, to red or orange.  Most flames are in the brown area and also have some type of cream down the dorsal area.  Flames do not have full pinstripes, or they would be then called pinstripe crested.

Pinstripe crested gecko are a group of geckos that have full pinstripes running down their dorsal.  There is a variety of pinstriped crested available including full and partial pinstripes.  Also, many other color morphs are also available with full or partial “pins” as we call them.

Harlequin Crested gecko are also super popular.  Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko. Harlequins are highly-patterned flame crested geckos. Typically, a Harlequin has a base color (usually red or near-black) with orange, yellow, or the highly fashionable cream.

Designer Crested gecko morphs include some very vibrant and high contrast color combinations like “Halloween” for example.

Tiger Crested gecko represent a group that has a high tiger striping down the dorsal area and also sometimes on the sides of the body as well.  Tigers are sometimes confused with tricolor crested gecko, one of the most beautiful and all.  Tiger pinstripe crested gecko is a more expensive version of the tiger color morph, with a full pin.

Bicolor Crested gecko represent a group that has 2 main colors, and that is all.  Bicolors are available in basically every color there is, most common and popular are red bicolors by far.

Lily White crested gecko are the rarest of the current color morphs and are most expensive up there with the Axanthic crested gecko which is as close to a black gecko as you are going to find in a crestie.

Orange tiger flame crested gecko – a flame at base, with tiger striping across the dorsal area with orange over dark contrast.  Tricolor and flame are both possible to make these.

halloween crested gecko  orange contrast over dark can be harelquin or flame and with or without dalmatian spots.

crested geckos for sale

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