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Looking to learn about proper care for your new baby iguana? Check out our amazing iguana care sheet! We’ve got a great selection of captive bred, hand tame baby iguana for sale.  With every species of pet iguanas for sale instock, we offer a great selection of hand raised babies, well started babies, yearlings, and sometimes juvenile pet iguana for sale.

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iguana care guide

Caring for your new pet green iguana for sale means doing your research and understanding what they need in terms of habitat, food/diet, supplements, UV lighting, Temperature, Humidity, handling, habitat size and shape, and more.

We will spend time going over each and every aspect of proper pet iguana care and hopefully cover most everything considered important for proper iguana care.  Our captive bred baby iguanas for sale come to you direct from our breeding facility and should go to the same style habitat they are raised in when possible.

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Iguana habitat

Setting up your new pet iguana and their enclosure or habitat is one of the most important things you’ll do as an iguana owner.  Consider a few things first.  1.  Do you want to have multiple habitats as they get older and grow or do you want to setup one permanent enclosure that will house them successfully with plenty of space throughout their lifespan?  Once you have decided to do “as they grow” or “permanent habitats” you can get started.

The minimum size green iguana enclosure for a baby is 3′ x 2′ in size. However once fully grown we are looking at something that is 4-8′ long and 2-3′ wide or larger.  Because green iguana for sale are cold blooded, they thermoregulate their body temperature.

This means they literally move along their habitat to warmer and colder spots in order to get to the temp they desire.  For this reason you will need a “gradient” meaning a temperature fluctuation within the habitat.  A basking area is required and should be 90-100 degrees and typically this is done with a heating element, deep heat emitter, or spot lamp.  The colder side should be in the range of 68-80 degrees.  Green iguana for sale are available here at Reptiles.com.

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Green Iguana UV Lighting

UV Lighting is important for most all living things and pet iguanas are no different.  In the wild, iguanas spend a lot of their time basking in the sun to thermoregulate and soak up the UV rays of the sun.  Mainly UVB is most important beyond the regulation of the iguanas for sale body temperature.  Since iggies are cold blooded, they rely on the environment to regular their body temperature.  For this reason having the proper lighting is important as well.   Blue iguana for sale as well as Rhino iguana both require the same UV lighting.

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Using a T5 high output lamp is key to having the right amount of UVB for your new pet iguana.  We recommend using a t5 10.0 or 10% lamp if the lamp is located 12-18″ away from the substrate or base of the habitat.  If you are supplying light from a higher direction, say 24″ you will need a 12% uvb lamp to provide the proper amount of UVB to your new baby green iguana for sale.

Iguana Temperature

Based on the above information, keeping temperature is going to be key to successfully housing your new pet iguana for sale.  Provide a basking spot that is 90-100 degrees and have the colder end of the habitat anywhere from 68-80 degrees.  Night time temperatures may drop as low as 60, however we do not recommend much lower.  We all hear about the “raining iguanas” in Florida when they have a cold spell.  Your pet iguana will literally “freeze up” to a motionless state and fall out of their branches if the temperature gets cold enough!

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With proper care, green iguanas can live over 25-40 years in captivity.  This is incredible for such docile animals if properly raised and tame.  Pet green iguanas can live decades so prepare to have a friend for a large portion of your life as a human!

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Here at reptiles.com, we feed our green iggies a diverse diet of Mazuri iguana and tortoise chow, collard greens, mustard greens, romaine, shredded carrots, chopped squash and supplements are sprinkeled upon it.

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feeding your pet iguana for sale supplements

Like most pet reptiles pet iggies will require a regular schedule of supplements.  We recommend a calcium supplement like Reptical mixed 50:50 ratio with your favorite reptile vitamin, like HerpaVite.

What are pet iguanas for sale favorite food in the wild?

Green Iguanas are herbivorous, meaning they eat plants; specifically, they are folivores, meaning they eat leaves. In the wild, iguanas feed almost entirely on the leaves of trees and vines as well as eating both fruits and flowers.

Do Iguana for sale recognize their owners?

People unfamiliar with iguanas don’t realize it, but pet iguanas 100% do recognize their owners by both sight and sound. Iguanas have very keen vision and clearly see their owners and recognize them. Iguanas also hear well so they can learn sounds as well as visual recognition.

Do Iguanas bond with humans?

Iguanas have individual personalities that can vary from being super chill and laid-back to sometimes being aggressive and dominating. Typically the ones that are difficult are those that were not handled often as a baby.  The latter can be very difficult to live with and care for. Calmer iguanas, however, tend to bond with their person but may only endure handling by that individual if not handled by others while growing up.

Pet Iguana Size

Green Iguanas for sale are not small animals by any stretch. When they are babies we sell them as 7-10″.  Well started baby iguanas for sale are 11-14″, yearlings are 16-24″ and at full maturity, adult iguana for sale are around 3-4′ in over length nose to tail.

 Iguanas for sale good as pets?

One of the most popular pet lizards is the iguana. However, they require a significant time investment and a decent level of care. They have severe feeding and iguana housing requirements and can grow to be fairly large and are powerful reptiles. They can also be tough to tame and may grow hostile if not handled regularly. This is why it is so important to buy from a good iguana breeder, like Reptiles.com where we handle our babies early and often for the purpose of being a great pet iguana.
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Do iguanas like being petted?

Although iguanas are not always affectionate, they can easily become tame and friendly with the right handling . Because they are young, owners of pet iguana need to care for and spend time with your iguana on a regular basis. By interacting with their owners and being responsive, baby iguanas quickly become accustomed to being handled and petted.

Green iguana for sale

Green iguanas are some of the most popular of all pet iguanas for sale.  Buying a green iguana for sale from Reptiles.com ensures you will receive a healthy, tame and often handled captive bred pet iggy.  Our greens are vibrant green, very tame and healthy as can be.  Unlike other reptile shops that do not hold or handle their babies, you can expect a much calmer, captive bred pet green iguana for sale than if you purchased elsewhere.

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