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Striped Gargoyle geckos

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Super Striped Gargoyle geckos

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Reticulated Gargoyle geckos

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Gargoyle gecko popularity is also on the rise!  Gargoyles have more of a “gargoylish” look to them.  Consider them the “gothic looking gecko” so to speak.  Originally, baby gargoyle geckos for sale only were found in marbled dark patterns.  These marbled patterned gargoyle geckos for sale were known as the reticulated gargoyle gecko.

Reticulated gargoyle gecko for sale are still quite popular, but now tons of color is available.  Through working with various gargoyle gecko morphs, gargoyle gecko breeders have now isolated quite a bit of both color and pattern genes.  Color and pattern genes, or in this case “alleles” control the look, pattern, and color of the gecko.

Gargoyle gecko color morphs

Gargoyle gecko color morphs range from the plain old reticulated gargoyle gecko and common “striped gargoyle geckos” to brightly colored specimens with crazy patterns.  While the most common remains the reticulated, now you will find a ton of different variety of striped gargoyles as well as blotched.  Blotched includes the red blotched gargoyle or the red super blotched gargoyle gecko.

Also, other blotched patterns or colors include yellow or orange, or a combination of both.  Striped gargoyles are also found as “super stripes” or ever “six stripe gargoyle gecko” where many stripes of color are present.  These stripes can be multiple colors and can vary in width or thickness.

Fired up or Fired down

Gargoyles can look completely different like their crested cousins, depending on their mood.  If your gargoyle is fired “up” you would expect the most vibrant contrast in color.  While “fired down” will have them look more relaxed in color and contrast of color.

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