Fat Tail gecko morphs for sale

Reptiles.com has some of the nicest African Fat-Tailed geckos for sale anywhere.  Working with top fat tail gecko morphs for sale, our Biologist uses with some of the best genetics in Fat tails for our breeding program.  When purchasing from Reptiles.com, we absolutely guarantee you the nicest African fat tail geckos for sale on the planet.  All of our baby fat tails for sale come with our full live arrival and health guarantee.

Fat tail gecko color morphs for sale

Similar to Leopard Geckos, the African fat tail gecko morphs can be kept in 20-gallon terrariums. They enjoy slightly higher humidity than their Leopard Gecko cousins.  For this reason, fat tail geckos should be kept on a substrate that keeps humidity such as bark or mulch. African Fat Tail Geckos for sale are becoming increasingly popular as pet geckos for sale.  Also, new color morphs are being discovered all the time.  Lastly, a Fat Tail gecko for sale is SUPER CUTE!

Fat tailed gecko morphs for sale

Currently, not a lot of actual “color” exists in the fat tail gecko market.  Fat Tail gecko breeders however, are isolating many genes.  Because of this they are recently creating some very colorful specimens.  As of this article, the most common color genes are tangerine, tangerine albino fat tail gecko and caramel.  Pattern morphs exist which change the actual pattern of the gecko.  Interestingly, this includes Zulu fat tail geckos and others.

100% Captive bred African fat-tailed gecko for sale

African Fat-tailed geckos are small, easy to care for geckos.  As a matter of fact, AFTS are found naturally in Western Africa. AFTS can be found in Savannah, rocky hillsides,  edges of rivers and even scrub areas. Fat-Tailed Geckos are similar to Leopard Geckos, with both species have true eyelids. As a matter of personality, we feel that Fat-Tailed Geckos are a tad shyer.  Also consider the fat tail gecko calmer than leopard geckos for sale. Because African Fat tailed geckos are somewhat slower paced than Leopard Geckos as well.

Wild Type Fat tails naturally occur with brown and tan banding.  Also, some striped fat tail geckos have attractive white stripes down their backs. There are numerous pattern mutations that occur in captivity as well, and there is bound to be a color variation that you find appealing among them.

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