Nosy Be Panther Chameleon

Nosy Be Panther Chameleon Care Guide

Proper care of your new pet panther chameleon is key to having a successful experience and healthy pet chameleon. Our captive bred baby panther chameleons for sale are accustomed to handling and should be very easy to handle once you get them settled in.  Using the proper misting system is key to successfully keeping your new baby panther.

Nosy Be Panther ChameleonNosy Be Panther Chameleon Diet

What you feed your pet panther chameleon is a very important part of being a good owner.  Feeding a varied diet of insects that are gut loaded is key as is dusting them with calcium and multivitamins.  We recommend using a reptile vitamin and mixing it 50/50 with calcium with vitamin d3 once a week and without d 3 the other weekly feeding.  You can feed your cham as often as 2-3 times daily as a hatchling and daily as a young adult.

Nosy Be Panther Chameleon Habitat

Using the proper sized cage/habitat is super important! Be sure to decide if you want to gradually increase and replace the panther chameleon cage or not, since that will dictate what you start or finish with.  Using a smaller cage for a hatchling or a tub that has a screen top can make keeping them and raising them up easier than in a larger, open air style cage for example.  Our baby panther chameleons are kept in big tubs that we cut out the top and glue in a screen window for ventilation.  We also drill 1/10″ inch holes in the sizes for air flow.  Lastly we use a t5 HO strip light mounted across the top.  Larger panther males will need a Zoomed Reptibreeze XL sized cage (48×24″) once they are 6-7 months of age.  Medium sized cages are good for females.

Nosy Be Panther Chameleon Trees and Vines

Here at we like to use our synthetic Ficus trees, as well as zoomed reptibranch vines wrapped in extra synthetic foliage for our setups.  We recommend quite a bit and some larger vines as well so that there is plenty to hide in, hunt bugs in, and drink water from during mistings.

Nosy Be Panther Chameleon UV Lighting

Using the proper lighting is key as well as enjoying looking at your new amazing new pet chameleon.  While adding LED Lighting can greatly improve viewing colors and enhance your animals already amazing colors, it does not benefit the chameleon besides visually.  Using a UVB lamp is required and depending on the size of the cage you can use anything up to 10% or 10.0.  Using something smaller can work, however only for shorter setups like medium and small cages.  Lower wattage lamps will result in a lesser UVB output and also much less reach of the UVB rays.  The stronger the UVB lamp you choose, the further the UVB will reach inside the chameleons enclosure.

Nosy Be Panther Chameleon for sale

Nosy Be Panther Chameleon Temperature

Temperature is important when building your new panther chameleon habitat or enclosure.  Since most are going to be open air which is also important, to have at least a top and two sides screened for airflow.  For this reason you are usually only providing heat by the way of a ceramic heat emitter OR what we prefer is the newer style deep heat emitter.  The Deep heat is infrared and is said to be closer to the heat provided by exposure to the rays of the sun.  Daytime ambient temperature should be in the area of 72-78 degrees with a hot spot of 88-90 degrees.  Hot spots are important during the day so that your pet chameleon can thermoregulate.

Night time temperatures should be no warmer than 75 degrees and no cooler than 62 degrees.  Some people believe in a night time hot spot, however that is not typical in the wild.  If a hot spot is needed because the room goes below 62 degrees on it’s own, than that can be used for that purpose.

Nosy Be Panther Chameleon Water and Misting Systems

So you are investing in a new pet panther chameleon for sale and you have decided you need a misting system.  It is absolutely imperative to have the proper chameleon misting system in place before you even add your new cham to the habitat.  Using the Mist King pro is recommended over anything else and no other brands are even close to as reliable or setup properly with timer and water flow as a mist king.

If you are already investing hundreds of dollars in the habitat, lighting, heating, decor and most importantly your new baby panther chameleon, do not skimp on the misting system.  Mist King pro is the most efficient in it’s class providing up to 7 days a week and 10 times a day misting on schedule, that you set with very easy to use controls.  Setting up your mist king pro with a 5 gallon bucket with a small bulkhead makes it easy if you do not have a direct water connection in the room that is displaying your panther chameleons.

Species of panther chameleons

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