Geckos for sale

Gecko Fire has the widest variety of pet geckos for sale online!

Here at Gecko Fire we around proud to offer the largest selection of geckos for sale online anywhere.  Most importantly, the highest quality geckos are available here at Gecko Fire!  With a real biologist on staff, we work with the top genetics and breeding lines of all species of pet gecko.

Leopard Geckos for sale

Leopard geckos are clearly the most popular type of pet gecko for sale.  Leopard gecko popularity began in the 90s and has skyrocketed over the years due to new leopard gecko morphs.  Leopard gecko color morphs are different color combinations that have been line bred by experienced leopard gecko breeders.  These new colors or “leopard gecko color morphs” have enabled breeders to work with the leopard gecko species almost like an artist putting pen to paper, or paint to his or her canvas.

Leopard gecko care

Please take a look at the full leopard gecko care section of our website.  Leopard geckos are the easiest to care for of all geckos.  Keeping a leopard gecko habitat setup is easy, so long as you do your homework.  Leopard geckos thermoregulate, so a cold and warm hide are both important.  To help with shedding hides are necessary regardless.

Leopard Gecko Morphs

More common leopard gecko morphs including mack snow leopard gecko, tangerine leopard gecko, and blizzard leopard geckos for sale.  The rarer the color morph, the higher the price is typically what you’d expect.  Here at Gecko Fire, we offer everything under the sun when considering leopard gecko color morphs for sale.  If you are looking for something super rare, check out the black night leopard gecko selection.  Want a rare color?  Check out a supergiant blood leopard gecko.

Top Leopard Gecko color morphs for sale

There are so many to choose from and with a real biologist on site, leopard gecko genetics are something we really are passionate about!  Leopard geckos are available as babies, juveniles, and young adults.  Selecting your favorite color morph is a tough choice, so consider purchasing females so multiple geckos can be housed together.

Crested gecko for sale

Crested geckos, or as we call them here at GOF “Cresties” are some of the coolest pet geckos for sale anywhere.  Interestingly, they are named either “crested” or “eyelash gecko for sale” most commonly.  The term “Eye Lash geckos for sale” came from pet stores who nicknamed these awesome geckos by their beautiful eyelashes.  Most commonly, they are referred to as cresties or crested geckos for sale.  Crested geckos for sale are probably the easiest or one of the top 2 or 3 easiest to care for of all pet geckos for sale.

Crested Gecko Care

Below we will briefly cover general crested gecko care information in the form of our gecko care sheet.  We will cover things including diet, habitat, and other vital needs for a happy crestie.  Please check out our full crested gecko care section.

Crested gecko diet (crested gecko food)

One of the best things about a pet crested gecko for sale is the ease of care.  The main thing that separates them from most other pets is what they eat! Did you know that many crested gecko breeders like us here at GOF feed a powdered diet?  About 12 years ago commercially available crested and gargoyle gecko diets hit the market fast.   With the ability of manufacturers to offer a variety of food flavors and even now with or without insects inside the food, cresties are easy as pie.

Here at GOF, we primarily feed Pangea crested gecko diet and supplement with additional crickets as a weekly treat.  It is important to provide gut loaded insects if you decide to feed them for your crestie.  Crested gecko for sale will gravitate to premade gecko diet if it has been purchased from the crested gecko breeders here at GOF.

Gargoyle Geckos for sale

Gargoyle gecko popularity is also on the rise!  Gargoyles have more of a “gargoylish” look to them.  Consider them the “gothic looking gecko” so to speak.  Originally, baby gargoyle geckos for sale only were found in marbled dark patterns.  These marbled patterned gargoyle geckos for sale were known as the reticulated gargoyle gecko.

Reticulated gargoyle gecko for sale are still quite popular, but now tons of color is available.  Through working with various gargoyle gecko morphs, gargoyle gecko breeders have now isolated quite a bit of both color and pattern genes.  Color and patterned genes, or in this case “alleles” control the look, pattern, and color of the gecko.

Gargoyle gecko color morphs

Gargoyle gecko color morphs range from the plain old reticulated gargoyle gecko and common “striped gargoyle geckos” too brightly colored specimens with crazy patterns.  While the most common remains reticulated, now you will find a ton of different variety of striped gargoyles as well as blotched.  Blotched includes the red blotched gargoyle or the red super blotched gargoyle gecko.

Also, other blotched gargoyle gecko patterns or colors include yellow or orange, or a combination of both.  Striped gargoyles are also found as “super stripes” or ever “six stripe gargoyle gecko” where many stripes of color are present.  These stripes can be multiple colors and can vary in width or thickness.

African Fat-Tailed Gecko for sale

African Fat-tail geckos, or “fat tail geckos” are gaining popularity quickly in the pet gecko trade.   Fat-tailed geckos for sale are very similar to both look and care to their cousin the leopard gecko.  Some would say African Fat-tailed geckos are even cuter than leopard gecko, as they typically have a broader head, shorter snout, and larger eyes.  Additionally, as of now, there is only one type of eye color gene in AFTS as we call them.  An  African fat tail gecko should be considered very easy to care for, with basically the same requirements as leopard geckos.  The main difference is their diet.

Typically, fat tailed geckos will only eat crickets and sometimes Dubia roaches.  From time to time, we are able to get our baby fat-tailed geckos for sale to ingest some small mealworms.  However, this is one a case by case basis and not all AFTS will accept live insects that are not crickets.

Fat-Tailed gecko color morphs

Until recently there was not many colors or fat tail gecko morphs available besides the common “wild types” . Wild type fat tail geckos are either patterned with normally tan over brown.  Also, wild type fat tail geckos for sale known as “striped fat tail gecko” is simply the wild type pattern with a white stripe from the head to the base of the tail.

Cave gecko for sale

Cave geckos are also gaining popularity thru captive breeding programs.  Once rare, now Chinese cave geckos for sale are found off and on thru out the year from experienced gecko breeders.

Chinese cave geckos

As far as cave geckos go, the Chinese are going to be easier to find, and less money than purchasing a Japanese.  Chinese cave geckos are generally available as “normal” which is a dark body and yellow banding.  Additionally, the “citrus Chinese cave gecko” is now found, albeit with a bit more costly due to its rarity.  Keeping Chinese cave geckos is fairly simple and their main diet is crickets.   Setting up a Chinese cave gecko habitat is fairly simple and the cave gecko for sale would be considered an intermediate care level gecko,

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