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Leopard gecko breeders near me

Leopard gecko breeders near me are easy to fine because leos are the easiest to care for of all geckos.  Keeping a leopard gecko habitat setup is easy, so long as you do your homework.  Leopard gecko breeders near me  often also offer habitats and gecko supplies for sale.

Leopard Gecko Diet

Leopard gecko breeder are almost always primarily feeding live mealworms to their geckos in a mealworm dish.  We offer mealworms for sale online as well.  Also, crickets may also be fed, typically they are dusted with a calcium with vitamin d3 combination.  Crickets may also be gut loaded by feeding them a high quality variety of greens.

Leopard gecko supplements

We use a combination of Reptical Reptile Calcium with Vitamin D3 mixed 50/50 ratio with Reptivite, or Vionate as a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Leopard Gecko Water

Some say that leopard geckos consume enough hydration thru the insects in which they eat.  We here at Gecko Fire provide all of our reptiles for sale including our leopard geckos filtered water.  Fresh filtered water should be provided at all times to ensure proper hydration.

Leopard gecko Humidity

While humidity is semi-important, most of that can be handled by simply supplying humid hides.  Humid hides are also used for nesting and are most beneficial for shedding.  Provide both a warm humid hide as well as a cool humid hide.  We normally place a heat pad on the underside of the terrarium or aquarium setup underneath the one hide.  The other side is usually kept cool by providing a hide that is in the cooler end of the habitat.  Shedding is often done within the hides and the leopard geckos often eat their own skin.  In nature, they do this to avoid predators finding them.

Leopard gecko breeders habitat setup

Unless you are considering breeding leopard gecko for sale, or being leopard gecko breeders near me, we recommend 1 male, or multiple females.  Up to 4 females can be housed together in a simple 20 gallon tank, or aquarium.  We use paper towels as a substrate as they are most sanitary and cheapest.  Reptile carpet is often used to add color to the setup.  Try to stay away from using loose substrate, like sand, or gravel as it could lead to impaction based complications.

Leopard gecko Substrate

Substrate can be as simple as a paper towel, or reptile carpet.  The main thing to consider is NOT to use anything that can cause impaction.  If your leopard gecko has loose stool, sand or gravel is extremely risky.  It may also be accidentally ingested during feeding, which also can cause complications or death.  Most breeders prefer to use paper towels because they are both easy and sanitary.

Leopard Gecko Breeder

More common leopard gecko breeder morphs including mack snow leopard gecko for sale, tangerine leopard gecko, and blizzard l.  The rarer the leopard gecko morphs, the higher the price is typically what you’d expect.  Here at Reptiles.com, we offer everything under the sun when considering leopard gecko color morphs for sale.  If you are looking for something super rare, check out the black night leopard gecko selection.  Want rare color?  Check out a supergiant blood leopard gecko.

Top Leopard Gecko color morphs for sale

There are so many to choose from and with a real biologist on site, leopard gecko genetics are something we really are passionate about!  Leopard gecko breeder offers our geckos for sale as babies, juveniles, and young adults.  Selecting your favorite color morph is a tough choice, so consider purchasing females so multiple geckos can be housed together.

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